How long will it take to receive my order?

Our handcrated products are freshly made to order 1-2 Business Days after the order is placed. Processing times include making the products and allowing the items to cool, cure and be packed.

Then the products are shipped using USPS which is an additional 1-5 business days depending on your location. Once your order is shipped, you will recieve an email with tracking number or pick up details (depending what you chose during checkout). Expect 2-5 Business Days to receive your order.

Candle making kits are sometimes put together and shipped at the same time of your entire parties order

We only ship to U.S. States by USPS 

When you place an order, we will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items and the shipping options you choose a.s.a.p

What is the Returns Policy?

We take pride in the quality of all of our products and customer satisfaction. If your item arrive damaged or incorrect, please reach out to us at clawfootandfire@gmail.com with photos, so that we can correct any problems. 

While we do no accept returns, contact us within 3 days of your items arrival date and send us a photo of any damaged or incorrect products that were delivered to you.

If your items are damaged or incorrect we will send out replacement item(s) of equal value or the correct items orders.

Once we ship items it is the postal service responsibilty to get it to you in a timely fashion if they are later than what they said you would need to reach to them USPS or UPS for a refund.

How should I take care of my candles? Why is the wick flames smoking?

Keep cotton wick trimmed to ¼”

Keep a wooden wick to 1/8” – 3/16” 

If the wick is too long, the wax will not pull up the wick, and the flame will dim or even extinguish.

If the wick has soot build up which is only normal and its not removed by trimming the wick will smoke when relit.

Keep your candle lit until an entire layer is melted all around the sides of the jar and about 1/4 deep. Doing this will prevent leftover wax staying in your jar.

 Its normal for a bottom layer of wax to be left in the bottom of the jar and the end of the wick life, simply scoop any remaining wax out with disposable cutlery, and place in an electric/tealight warmer to use up all of your fragrant wax. 

What makes Clawfoot and Fire different?

Clawfoot & Fire provide beautiful unscented and scented spa care products that you can use at home, to moisturize and pamper your skin. Beautiful ambience is also important to us so we make home fragrances as well.

You can customized many of our products with different add ons, such as candle colors to truly match your home decor, in the scent you choose.

Do you use synthetic or natural essential oils for fragrances?
We offer both. I love natural therepeutic benefits of using essentials oils but we also love fun perfumed fragrances. You will notice the distinction on our site as we may refer to perfume scents as fun fragrances and the essential oil scents are always classified as all natural.
Do you have a fragrance guide?
Yes its coming soon.
There you will see a brief description of the scent, whether its a fun or essential oil blend and if the scent is considered to be light, med or strong.
Some fragrances are stronger than others, and some prefer a lighter fragrance, while other prefer a strong fragrance. All the fragrances we offer have been tested in all of our products and with our test group of people (because we wanted different noses and opinions).
We listed our observations of whether a fragrance should be considered light/med/strong on our fragrance description page.
There is a percentage of fragrance we can safely use in all of products so we stick to those standards. If a scent is too strong or too light for your personal prefrence, I'd suggest trying another scent with your next order and giving that item away as a gift. Someone else may really like it.
Can I recycle my jar?
There are several ways you can reuse your candle jars. 
1. All of our candle jars come with beautiful lids. So, you can remove the labels and wicks and simply use the jars as cute organizing jars for accessories, hair pins, paper clips, etc.
2. They also make cute little flower vases. Simply clean out and add water and or soil and flowers/plant that dont grow too large and the water does not need to be drained.
3. We are also happy to announce that we have a Recycle Jar Refill option. You must refill 2 jars or more. Simply clean out your jars by placing them on a candle warmer or in a warm oven on foil at 200°. Using a pot holder remove from oven once wax is melted and pour into a trash bag and wipe out with paper towels or hot water and diswashing soap. Place a new order for the 2 candle jars you want to refill. Use code " Refill " to receive a 20% discount code and contact me to schedule a drop off time. (At this time we only accept local drop offs for this service). Reminder there is a 2 jar minimum to use our Recycle Jar Refill.
What is a candle making party?

Gather your family or friends together for a virtual candlemaking party held on zoom.

To schedule your party 

1. Contact us at clawfootandfire@gmail.com to confirm a day and time.

2. Next order your box(s). You may order your individual box, and have each guest order their box using your party code and the boxes will be shipped to each guest address. Or you may pay for everyone's box and it will be your responsibility to give each guest their box by the party date.

3. Once you receive your box hold on to it until your party date and 

For more information go to our FAQ page.  

How to I schedule a candlemaking Party?
Right now email Michelle @clawfootandfire@gmail.com So you will able to select dates fro on this website
How do my guest and I order our candle making Kits?
All kits can be order right on this site. Before order any bo make sure we have the date/time available for your party. Contact Michelle at clawfootandfire@gmail.com to schedule. Once your party has been booked with Michelle. Order Kit directly from our under the shop section. You have 2 options to gather every ones kits.
1. Inform all your guest to order directly from our site and they may have their kits shipped directly to them or may pickup their own box(s) from us.
2. You may order all boxes on the site by changing the quantity and select pick up or have all shipped to you. To save on shipping and materials if you select this option, all of the kit items will be packed into 1-2 boxes, depending on the size of your party. You must separate items for each of your guest.