Candle Party Info

Gather your Friends & Family together to make your very own custom candles

1. Make your guest list. Think of a theme if you'd like. (ex. Girls Night In, Couples Night, Brunch & Candles)

2. Book your party date by clicking on the "Book A Party" button below.

3. Next we will send you digital invites, ordering details and zoom ID info, that you can forward to your guests.

4. Order your candle kit(s) by selecting "candle making kit".

5. Once you receive your box hold on to it until your party date.

6. Let the fun begin!!!


 General Information:

What are Candle Making Parties? It is a virtual crafting event that you invite your friends and family to. First, you choose your date by clicking the Book a Party link on this page. We will email or text you digital invites, ordering instructions, links, and the zoom ID. Simply text the info to your guest. If your guest has any questions about orders they can contact Clawfoot and Fire directly at 443-845-1875.

Next, your guest need to place their order for their candle making kit(s) and we will ship their kit to them. We ship anywhere in the U.S.

During the party we play an icebreaker game, get step by step instructions on how to make a candle, with fun candle facts in between, play a closing game. You and your guest will leave the party with candle knowledge and their very own candle to enjoy!

No deposit is required however we do require a 4 guest/kit purchase minimum. If 4 kits are not purchased by the time of the party or you desired a small group an event fee of $30 will be required. 

You may invite up to 20 camera locations. Meaning there may be 2-4 people in one home but they would only count as 1 camera.

Candlemaking parties are available most Saturdays. You may select an afternoon at 3 pm or evening at 6 pm class. Parties are held Live on Zoom.

Kits begin at $30. ($35 Beginning January 1st)

The host will get $30 off their candle making kit once their party buys 10 kits.

Each guest can order their own/household candle making kit(s), or the host can order all the boxes and give supplies out to each guest.

Cancellations are free 2 weeks before your party date. If canceled within 2 weeks of your party date, there is a cancellation fee of $30.