Candle Making Kit (Party Version)

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You either booked a candle party or received an invitation to attend a candle making party! If so, you are at the right place to order your Candle kit.

To book a candle making party click Candle Party Information

You may order 1 kit for yourself, extras for your household and party guest. If you order more than one, I will pack everything together in a larger box. 

Your host(ess) is the person who invited you. You must select their name while placing your order.

Completely customize your kit. It comes with all the supplies you need except a microwave safe container to melt your wax in. You must have a microwave safe container or double boiler. That will hold 10oz /2 cups of liquid.

Kits are packed and shipped 2-3 days a week. So, please order your kit well in advance. 2-4 weeks prior is recommended.

Your host will send the zoom link code to you before your party.

Additional charges are applied automatically with upgraded custom options.

We also have candle making "diy" kits available sold with instruction sheets that you can make without a live guide, along with your family and friends also.