About Us

About our Founder and Maker,

Michelle Blackwell

Since 2012, Michelle has made products to moisturize the skin and candles to bring beauty and fragrance to her home. Selling the products to her customers at her salon was very common, however; due to lack of time she would start and stop.

During the pandemic and salon closings, Michelle had plenty of time to make products full time.

"I enjoy making them so much I pretend I'm a cool barista or bartender mixing my butter, oil and candle recipes together." says Michelle

 Pampering her skin, and having fragrant candles around is such a passion. And sharing the handmade creations with others brings her great joy.

The name Clawfoot & Fire was chosen to represent the ultimate most relaxing classic bathtubs. Along with, the coziness of sitting in front of a fireplace, wrapped in a throw blanket while relaxing. And just think a bathroom with BOTH a beautiful modern clawfoot tub and a fireplace.

How grand that would be!!!